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Studio A

With a roomy, comfortable control room, a large tracking room with high ceilings , 5 isolation areas and two independent cue systems. This room is your best choice for full bands, large projects, vocal groups, horn/string sections, live showcases, listening sessions, choirs  . . . . and VIDEOS!


Control Room in Studio A


Main Tracking Room - Studio A


Console - Studio A

Studio B

A beautiful and comfortable control room with two nice size recording booths (both large enough for a full drum kit) . It is visually connected to the main tracking room and fully wired for recording in there as well.


Control Room - Studio B

Studio C

Singers, songwriters, rappers, beat makers. . . If you are on a budget, this is the room for you. Same quality sound / same mics and preamps as the larger rooms.  Great atmosphere. Perfect for writing and production sessions.


Control Room - Studio C

Vocal Booth Top Right

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