We here at Lucky Run wanted to offer you some help in getting some of your songs recorded!
We have put together 2 packages to fit your needs and budget.

* 3 Song Package: 1.5 Hour Session (Guitar & Vocal) $150.00

Record 3 demos of you, or a guitarist you bring in, playing and singing at the same time.

  • High quality audio recordings

  • Comping/Editing takes together

  • Basic mix and Master

  • Final .mp3s or .wav files

* 2 Song Package: 2 Hour Session (Guitar, Vocal, Bass, Drums) $375.00

Get a bigger, fuller sound by recording live with a bass player and drummer/percussionist.

  • Demo Package

  • Quick rehearsal of songs with musicians

  • Recording live together

  • Time permitting , add extra percussion, additional guitar, harmony, etc.

** Full Band / Full Production: Call for a Quote

We specialize in full production and high quality recordings with high quality studio musicians.

  • Song Package

  • Pre-Production

  • Arranging

  • Hiring the Musicians

  • Chord Charts

You, the songwriter will generally do a reference vocal when the musicians are recording. Additional instruments/elements are then overdubbed and once all elements are in, including final vocals, the songs are then mixed and mastered.

Helpful Production Tips/Suggestions when Recording

  1. Always bring your own tuner/capo and have new strings ( 2-3 days old) on the guitar. And make sure the guitar stays in tune.

  2. If you are going to sing and play at the same time, you will probably be happier with the sound if your guitar has a pickup . . . preferably a good one,

  3. Know your song in terms of the key and the tempo before you get here.

  4. Know the lyrics when it comes to the final vocal. Vocals seem to sound better, with more feeling and energy if the singer is not reading . . . . especially trying to read off their phone.

  5. Bring lyric sheets for the engineer and any type of chord chart you have if you are going to be working with other players. Most use the Nashville number system if you have that.

  6. If you are able/willing to record to a click track (metronome) you will have many more options down the line, especially moving parts around, and adding additional instruments at a later date

  7. If you are doing a bigger production (full studio band) , bring something to reference to. A recording that has a similar sound and feel to the one you are about to do.

  8. If you want to bring someone else in to play as you sing (of vise versa) you will have the added advantage of the vocal and guitar being totally isolated, making it much easier to fix and/or re-record either one.

  9. The studio has guitars, keyboards, and basses, and amps that you are free to use

  10. Please note: when we say guitar, it could be uke, mandolin, banjo, or of course keyboard