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Are you going to be enrolling into an Audio Program after this course?
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Are you interested in getting an audio engineering degree or certificate? Do you want a taste of what an Audio engineer’s role is in the studio?

Enroll now and explore the world of Audio Engineering no prior experience needed.


Learn from one of the Top Rated Recording studios in the Houston area in a one on one private setting.

We offer a beginners course to dive into the world of an audio engineer and what it looks like to work in the audio industry.

Our instructor has over 30+ years of experience in the audio engineering and recording industry.

Choose your own schedule with our flexible scheduling.

8 Lesson Course / Flexible hours / $750


Comprehensive Learning Experience

We offer an exceptional opportunity for both beginners and those looking to deepen their understanding of audio engineering. The program is designed to be accessible to individuals with no prior experience, providing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of audio engineering. This approach allows anyone with an interest in the field to explore and develop their skills in a supportive and educational environment.


Expert Instruction in a Top-Rated Studio

Learning from an experienced instructor with over 30 years in the audio engineering and recording industry is a rare opportunity. At Lucky Run Academy, students will receive one-on-one mentorship in one of Houston's top-rated recording studios. This personalized instruction ensures a high-quality learning experience, where students can gain practical, real-world insights and techniques that are crucial for success in the audio industry.


Flexible and Personalized Learning Path

Understanding that each student has unique needs and schedules, we offer flexible scheduling options. This adaptability allows students to learn at their own pace and choose a learning path that best fits their personal and professional commitments. Such flexibility is especially beneficial for those balancing other responsibilities, such as work or education, making it more feasible to pursue a passion or career in audio engineering.

Camilla S.

"Learning in a real recording studio, working with experienced pros, was an amazing experience! It really helped me clarify my direction in terms of pursuing audio."
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